Victorian Renovation on Vine Street

Victorian on VineI just listed an amazing Victorian renovation on Vine Street in the heart of downtown Paso Robles.  This is one of the most popular areas of Paso Robles and you can walk from here to the central park where everything happens.  This home was built in 1894 and that’s an era when houses were built to really last.  The siding, although currently painted, is redwood.  It is amazingly disease and rot resistant.

This Victorian renovation occurred when the  current owners purchased this house and revised the 1950’s remodel back to the way the house was intended to look and function.  It’s so interesting to enter a home like this and see how it has changed over the decades.  The owners did retain the 1950’s wallpaper in the front hall closet in order to preserve some of its varied past.  And it’s apparent that the breakfast nook off the kitchen once served as an extra bathroom because a sewer drain line (now capped) was cut into the fir flooring.  And there is a hatch in the kitchen floor that once led to the dirt cellar where it’s likely the vegetables were kept cool in the summertime.

Few properties can boast such history and I always buy it a priviledge when I can represent one of these beauties of the past century.  EntrywayThe master bedroom was added sometime later to the back of the house and it has its own bathroom.  But the 1/2 bath for guests is located at the top of this stairway.  Of course, the interior baths have all been added since the house was built, so even this inconvenience is far superior to the original plan for such necessities.

This Victorian renovation is located on an extra large lot and in 1910 a building was added on the back of the property that served as a secondary residence.  Maybe it was Grandma’s home.  Even in 1910, Granny units were a help.  Now, the building is permitted as an office and again, this Century old residence and property is serving the current needs of marketplace.  Work from home!

Living RoomWouldn’t it be great if zoning laws would again allow for these additional uses, and  when new neighborhoods are developed, there would be larger lots tha tgive  residents some choices on the uses of the land.  Let’s look back and see how far ahead the past generations truly were!

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