The State of California Jobs

State of California Jobs Is Looking Good

I love to share GOOD NEWS!  I recently saw a video about how many new State of California  jobs have been added in here  in the past year.  While this is not informationState of California Jobs specifically local to the Paso Robles area, it is still great news for all of us!  I can’t think of anything more positive about an improving economy, (other than an increase in home sales) than new jobs.

And in reference to local jobs, I know of two software companies in San Luis Obispo County  that are rapidly growing, with plans to add many new jobs, and in one case at least 100 new jobs!  As the Millenial  generation comes into it’s own, and the State of Califonia job search continues for them, lifestyle is at the top of their list for career choices.   Those Cal Poly graduates very often choose to stay here.  They have come to know this area as an incredible place to live.

New Companies Adding To Job Growth in California [Video]

I was showing property outside the town of Cambria this week and was once again amazed at what a nice community that is.  Beautiful boutique shops, a French bakery on Main Street, special little B & B’s, quick access to the beaches and of course the Elephant Seals,  which are now looking more like sardines along the beaches than I have ever seen!  Each town has it’s own personal culture, all are nearby, and there is wonderful wine tasting in any direction you go.

Paso Robles California Park

So as you continue your State of California jobs search, keep your sights on San Luis Obispo County!

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