Donkey Lesson in The Salinas River

I was window shopping on Craigslist  a while back and in my favorite section, Farm and Garden, I saw a donkey that I had to have!  Always wanted a donkey ever since reading Brighty of the Grand Canyon.  My husband loves to hike and discover waterfalls.  I’d love to go but I don’t want to carry anything.  So one day I looked at that cute donkey standing out in my pasture and told her she had a new future!

The Donkey

Now, after much research and a custom fit, I have a donkey sized sawbuck pack saddle.  She proudly wears it each time I take her for training in the Salinas River bed.  She does need training.  These things don’t happen automatically.  I fitted her with her pack saddle, tied some old grain bags on to the saddle and off we went to collect trash in the riverbed.   I figured I could help clean up our beautiful river bed while training this donkey, and she could learn to carry “stuff” for me!  Only thing is I forgot Lesson #1!

The riverbed somehow has losts of old tires that need to be hauled out.  So as I picked up a tire and was hefting it up on the pack, Donkey wasn’t so sure of that thing so nearby.  She took a couple of jogging steps ahead and suddenly all of the cans and bottles and metal trash I had loaded in her bags started to jiggle, she decided to exit stage left as soon as possible and unfortunately carried all that jiggling trash with her!  I had forgotten Lesson #1!  Make sure your donkey is not afraid of the sound of trash jiggling around her!

I managed to reclaim my four legged friend some 300 yards away and from then on, I let her smell each piece of trash that I collected.  I’m sure we’ll have more lessons ahead, and I’ll have to try and think like a donkey first.  Next lesson….what is a tire and is it going to kill me?

Joanie Williams

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