The Benefits of Volunteering are Many

Horsemans ReunionI had a crazy busy week working at the Horsemans Reunion in Paso Robles and I want you to know about the benefits of volunteering.

First of all it is so awesome to help a cause that is important or interesting to you.  It’s volunteers that often make the difference between an event actually happening in your town and an event that never really happens at all.   And when it is a passion of yours, the benefits are exponential.

The benefits of volunteering besides working at a passion and bringing it to life, includes meeting other awesome people who enjoy what you enjoy.  I helped a number of times at the entry booth and as it turned out, met a number of very fine ladies who were also a hoot.  Full of stories, full of life and laughter, it was such a blessed part of my day to see them and get to know them.  I wish I had a picture of them to share…..darn.   Should have taken that.  But Barbara, and Lee and Susan, you were all awesome fun!

And besides the above, there is the hope that included in the benefits of volunteering is that I become a more interesting person in some small way.  I can share with others a little bit of the joy and fun that I learned while getting to know these gals.  I attended an event numous times and I now know a lot more about the event  and how it can help others.  And I can certainly gain satisfaction from simply helping my local community.

There are a myriad of clubs and organizations that can benefit from just a few hours of your time.  But I truly believe that the ultimate benefit is thrown ‘right back at ya’.  You get out and meet people, often get some great exercise, know that your time is not being wasted and increase the value of the community where you reside.  So many reasons to volunteer!

2013ProgramCoverThe Horsemans Reunion is now in the past for another year, but here is a  group that maintains our trails around San Luis Obispo County and they have lots of plans for helping improve the trails this year.  A perfect place to get involved if you’re just not sure.

I have more ideas if you need them!  Call me anytime!  And “Always Expect the Best”!

Joanie Williams


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