What makes a Great Neighborhood?

Flower Bed DowntownWhen a client comes to town and wants to look at property, the first thing I ask is, do you know the neighborhoods?  Everyone wants to buy in a great neighborhood it means something different to each person.  So in order to help them, I will generally buy out what price range home they are seeking and I send them on a self-guided tour of all the neighborhoods where they can buy a home in their price range.  You see, I can’t answer the question for them as to “where in town is a great neighborhood?”

However, some things to consider if you are beginning to search for a new home might be the following:

– proximity to grocery stores or schools or even a local dog park

– commute time to work, the gym, or your place of worship

– “walkability” value i.e. can you walk to activities, or are there walking paths nearby or do people frequently walk in that neighborhood?2 story house

-traffic patterns i.e. are there school buses driving down certain streets twice a day?

– area noise like trains, train whistles, fire engines, ambulances or constant freeway traffic

– micro-climates i.e. is it the “hot” part of town where the wind never blows or the wind blows all the time?

The other issue to consider is that there may be more than one city or town that you are considering and they each have their “flavor”.  In this area, one town is more focused on the wine industry while a neighboring town has a lake, park and zoo as a focus.   Or yet another town simply likes to continue it’s downtown ‘feel’ of an old western store front town with small schools and a community park.P9120046

There are so many factors to consider when choosing that great neighborhood.  I recommend using a local Realtor and visiting an area several times before getting too specific on which home to buy.

And as always, call me if you need help!  I’m always available!

Joanie Williams

“Always Expect the Best”



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