The Best Ride Ever

The best ride ever is the one I took today.  There’s always a great day to ride my horse in Central California but this is one of my favorite rides, and when I’m with friends it’s always the best ride ever.

Templeton LocationIf you know downtown Templeton, then you know Hoovers Beef Palace.  It’s an old restaurant located next to the stockyards where cattle have been coming in and out for decades.  So what better place to have fresh beef than right where they are sold?  But Hoovers is really known for it’s breakfasts.

Big cowboy sized plates of food with hot biscuits and gravy dripping off the side, huge omelets or pancakes that take up the whole plate… But I digress because this blog is really about the ride.  Where in America today can you ride to breakfast, park your horse, have a great meal and ride home?  That to me is the best ride ever.  I feel like I’ve gone back in time.  Back to small towns, blue skies, friendly people, and slower days filled with good people and great conversation.   I guess I HAVE gone back in time because I had a best ride ever TODAY!Beef Palace Ride2sm

I love living here.  This area of San Luis Obispo County is all of those things.

You get to know the nicest people!  Here are a couple of them.  I told them they’d be on my blog today and they didn’t mind a bit.  That’s Ralph on the left and Jan on the right with Smooch and I right in the middle.

I also rode this week with Holly to San Antonio Lake and that was the best ride ever before the one today.  You get the point.  Today is the time to seize all that you can from the day.  We don’t know when we’ll have another.  And before time passes by too much longer, you might just try and figure out how to move to that small town, and go back in time like I did!

Oh, by the way, the ride home is just as good!  Joanie WilliamsBeef Palace Ride3sm

“Always Expect the Best”

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