How to Price A Home for Sale

How to Price A Home for Sale

AG Westside House

AG Westside House

I’ve been through it so many times! A seller wants me to do a current market analysis on their home to estimate how to price a home for sale in todays marketplace.

  • I determine the price
  • The seller wants to add “wiggle room” or “negotiating room” or “more because they don’t want to give it away”
  • I explain that my price is the absolute top price for which the house will sell
  • I explain that if they push the price too high, it will discourage buyers from looking and from writing an offer because they don’t wish to insult the seller
  • I lose the listing to an agent who prices the house where the seller wants
  • The house does not sell
  • It stays on the market too long and becomes a “tired” listing
  • The house sells for less than what I recommended because now the market has become leery of it and knows it is overpriced, so offers come in low and the sellers need to take a low offer in order to move
Deer Park Estates in Paso Robles

Deer Park Estates in Paso Robles

My advice. Choose a Realtor®  you trust and listen to their advice. They have your interests at heart. We want to sell your home at the highest price possible in the least amount of time. And by the way, if your home sells in under 30 days, it was priced RIGHT!

smsignature copyAnd “Always Expect the Best!”


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