Trucks Hauling Hay

Trucks Hauling Hay

I like seeing trucks hauling hay around town.truck with hay  I like driving 101 with plenty of room around me.  I like recognizing the gal helping me at the post office or the checker at the grocery store.  I like running into people I know.  I like seeing the neat dirt rows that tractors make.  I like to hear the rooster next door in the morning even if it’s 4 AM.

It’s nice to walk down the block to the local coffee shop.  It’s good to see people holding hands on the sidewalk outside my office.  There are so many nice people around here I have yet to meet! Paso Robles Park Gazebo It’s nice to see people enjoying the downtown park with the big oak trees.  I like to go to a restaurant where all the produce was grown just a mile away.

I like to see the old Victorians on Vine St still loved andVictorian on Vine used, painted a rainbow pallet of colors, or just white!  I like to see trucks hauling hay all over town. It means there are goats, pigs, sheep and horses nearby.  I like to see the horse trailers at the fairgrounds. Something fun is up.

Small town life, trucks hauling hay, open space, short lines and

Lots of fresh air. Paso Robles!

And Always Expect the Best!trucks hauling boys

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