Three steps forward – in Donkey training it’s two steps back

A picture says a thousand words. Right?  Three steps forward got us to this spot.  And then……nothing.  If a donkey doesn’t want to move forward, the donkey doesn’t move forward.Donkey Walk

Doing real great for a while on the donkey training but lately, this donkey has her own ideas about what she wants to do.  This, mind you, is the relaxing recreation that I have planned for my Hubby and I on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  But you know, “the best laid plans of mice and men”, or in this case, of donkeys and men.  Anyway, the donkey training session was not all bad.  She stepped over a fencing obstacle in just under 2 minutes that took her 10 minutes last week.

And I did manage to ride her for about 10 minutes without getting dethroned.  But I couldn’t do it without my faithful Hubby leading the way.Donkey Ride  And as good as we are to this sweet little thing, you never know when your three steps forward are going to be two steps back!  In Donkey training the key is to always be aware that you may not really be in charge, as per THIS picture.Donkey bite  Yep, he’s just about to get his HAND bitten off!  So, word to the wise…before you try to train a donkey, make sure your husband really loves you and that he won’t mind if he loses a hand or two fighting your battles for you!  And always be aware that just when you think you are three steps forward in your training plan….well, you know….Joanie Williams


“Always Expect The Best”

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