COVID-19 & Real Estate Now

This is an update to my newsletter from the end of March. You can watch the attached video or simply read the information here.

I wanted to give you a quick update to amend the Real estate review that I sent out on March 23.

As of today, April 2, in San Luis Obispo County we are now allowed to show homes and list properties.  We can actually go back to work but it’s not  “business as usual”…..It’s doing our best to proceed in this business within the new guidelines that we have been given through the California Association of Realtors. 

Basically, before you or any contractors, appraisers or inspectors enter a home – you will need to sign a form stating that you will be wearing protective items like a mask, sterile gloves and booties.  I will be providing those to my listings and I expect other agents will as well.  You will also be certifying that you are not currently sick and you don’t to your knowledge have Coronavirus.  Also, only 2 people at one time can walk through a house, no children and you are asked to limit your time inside to 5 minutes.

 However, actually entering a home at this time is really just meant to supplement a virtual tour or viewing photos online and driving through a neighborhood.

We are listing houses.  We are showing houses.  We are selling houses and we are closing houses.  But the timing and rules have changed because of the current pandemic.  And, the County of San Luis Obispo can change their guidelines for us anytime they feel it’s not in the publics best interest to do this.  My understanding is that in LA and Ventura Counties right now, they cannot show homes at all. 

And everyone has to decide for themselves, both clients and agents, if they want to move ahead in this process.  This is not for everyone.

But I’m ready when you are ready. 

Feel free to check in with me if I can help answer any questions for you.

Let’s all do our best to help get this virus stamped out as soon as possible so we CAN get back to “Business as Usual”

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