The Salinas River and El Nino 2016

The Salinas River and El Nino in 2016

Salinas River February 2016

Salinas River February 2016

This is a typically dry section of the Salinas River between Templeton and the Hwy 41 bridge in Atascadero.  The water only appears here when the water table below is full and this is essentially the overflow of a full basin.  Even in an El Nino year when the rain we expected has not appeared in full force, a few good rains can reveal this abundant resource in our area.

The Salinas River is an amazing resource.  Any city or town which is privileged to have a river flowing through it, is blessed indeed.  This riverbed houses a wealth of wildlife, from frogs to bobcat.  I have seen deer, coyotes, fox, kit fox, red tailed hawks and a myriad of birds here including snowy egrets and green backed herons.

Flowers of the SalinasIt is amazing each year to watch how this resource bounces back to life so quickly and continues to produce plant life for the critters, and wildflowers for our viewing pleasure.

We need to remember what a special resource this is and care for in every way we can.  It’s a wonderful place year round to walk your dog, ride your horse, mountain bike or simply find a quiet place to reflect.

Please remember to carry out anything you take in.  Many volunteers help to clean up the riverbed and each year a community clean up day is organized by the Atascadero Mutual Water Company.  Anything you can do to help is appreciated!  Now go enjoy this amazing resource!

And “Always Expect the Best!”Flowers of the Salinas

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