Donkey Training in the Salinas River

donkey with trash bagsHere I go again!  This donkey training stuff is not as easy as it looks.  Now that I have the right pack saddle, the feed bags attached, and a donkey at my side walking down the riverbed, you’d think that things would be just fine.  But a donkey needs lots of practice.  See her standing there with those ears at attention?  There’s something in those bushes that is worrying her.  And if she gets too worried, she’ll try with all her might to haul down the road without me!

Such is my donkey training.   She’s going to need lots more time with me.

Meanwhile, I am picking up lots of bottles, cans, plastic and general junk in the riverbed.trash

And I’m not the only one!  Every year the Atascadero Mutual Water Company puts on a Salinas River clean up day.  Or you can check in the Jamie Hendrickson at AMWC who will be scheduling the next clean up day in the Fall of 2013.

This beautiful area of Central California is well worth caring for and protecting.  I know that many people enjoy walking their dogs here, hiking and running, horseback riding, and maybe someday, I’ll be joined by others for some good ole’ fashioned donkey training!  In the meantime, walk out to this area and see how beautiful it is, even in the Wintertime!Salinas Riverbed Feb 2013Happy Trails!  Joanie Williams




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