Paso’s Downtown Art Studio

Paso Robles has the most amazing downtown art studio, but not too long ago it was something very different.

The history of this town is so interesting, but rather than take you back to the beginning of time, suffice it to say that some 25 years ago the downtown was dead.  There were a few small businesses, a drug store with an old fashioned soda fountain, and an auto parts store which was at one time a Studebaker dealership.  In order to buy something interesting to do on the weekend, we’d drive to San Luis Obisopo

But one of our local artists, Anne Laddon, realized that there was a much better use for that old auto parts store building.  Now, after a number of years of hard work and lots of community help, we have an amazing downtown art studio.Studios on the Park

There is a real variety of art happening there daily, since the artists have booths and actually paint and create on site.  They have regular classes for the public, invite the local school groups to come and learn, and have a yearly fundraiser to help supplement the costs of running this beautiful facility and supporting local projects.

Anytime is a good time to visit.  Visit the website for Studios on the Park and you will see a regular schedule of events.

art window

And one of the best things about this creative downtown art studio is that the old auto parts store was transformed into a beautiful building that reflects and amplifies all of the changes happening in this lovely downtown.  I write about Paso Robles often because it truly is a beautiful and interesting place to visit and a wonderful place to live.

Some see us!  And let me help you if you are ever in the market for real estate here!

Joanie Williams


“Always Expect the Best”

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