Foreign Travel Advice and the Internet

I took a trip to Cambodia last year. So to prepare, I got on the internet and found that some of the best foreign travel advice can be found in the Lonely Planet guide books. The book was so helpful, especially from the reviews of others, that I wanted to post some reviews to help the next person visiting Cambodia. Ta Prohm

So I did. And I recently received an email stating that my reviews has been read by 266 people. Imagine that! In some small way I have helped 266 people with their decisions about where to go, what to eat and what to do in Cambodia. I am still amazed at this whole web/Google/Yahoo/Yelp thing.

I know I’m showing my age, but the wealth of information available out there is mind boggling. And the ability we now have to walk into a new restaurant, or visit a new country with the advice of hundreds of others who came before us is so awesome. Battambang lunch

Just imagine if we were able to access the lives of so many people who lived here before us and they could say, “Go there” or “Don’t do that” or “Great place to start a business” or “Don’t make the same mistake we did!” Maybe reading biographies is a way of getting advice from those who have walked this way before. Or very possibly, we could look at the Bible as a guide from generations past.

Foreign Travel Advice may mean more than simply advice about another country. Isn’t the future foreign to us as well? We’ve certainly never been there before. A guide book for that sounds like something we should all be seeking. Think of the trouble it could save us. Tonle Sap Lake

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